The Sacrifice of a Mother.

She was alone, her tender 17 year old already suffered from betrayal and abandonment, was the mother of a small child and carried another creature in her womb. When she lost her mother, she knew no job, and who was to employ her with a small child and another in her womb? How difficult it is to get bread when you are young and you are forsaken. Her child asked for food and she was torn in her pain.
That afternoon, with his big belly, he went to church; The enormous belly made it difficult to kneel, but she cried with deep sadness, then fixed her gaze on the crucified Christ and said to her (thinking of her child’s hunger, and her own hunger)

Lord, it is really painful to love my children and suffer from hunger and cold, we have neither a safe roof nor a helping hand, let alone possibilities for a decent job. I thank you for the life you give us, and I beg you to give me enough strength to come forward and welcome this new baby that is to come. And please, I beg you to be born well … ”
After a moment of silence, he stood holding his little son, strengthened inwardly, determined to continue fighting for them. It was difficult times, there were days when he did not have to do, others instead was washing someone else’s clothes, cleaning some house, or even the windows of cars, anything …
When his child was born, he had nothing, he was thrown out of the place where he was staying, for lack of payment, and thus, without possibility of choice, he was lost … A dark corner was the faithful witness of a new woman who would devote himself to the most Ancient of the trades … For the sake of his children. At first it was difficult, but their children needed many things. And so, without luxuries, but with much love, he always gave them what was necessary, even at the cost of his own sacrifice. The years passed and when her children grew up, she, proud to see them almost turned into professionals, thought that the time to rest was approaching. She was still young, but the life she had wore had made her old, and she was sick of suffering. It would be just a change, your children would understand …
That was what she thought, not knowing that a bad tongue, of those who do not feel ashamed to nail the pain of their malicious daggers, in their own way, told the girl the past of her mother. That night, when in the midst of her thoughts, she returned tiredly home and the heavy drops of the storm fell on the roofs of the houses in the neighborhood, the first look she found when she entered was that of her daughter, who saw her,
– Go away, I do not want to see you!
I learned today that you are a prostitute; Go because you are not worthy of the love of your children! You disgust me!
She did not know what to answer, she knew that one day they would know it, she always feared it and always thought that their reaction would not be pleasant. But to disgust them, not that, that word was a dagger that stuck in his soul, and ran, ran in the rain that seemed to share his pain with her, pouring on his face a copious cry. When dawn began, she was crying still sitting in a canal, several blocks away from her house. Suddenly a warm savannah covered his back and upon returning, he saw the eldest of his sons:
“Mother, I have sought you all night; Come on, let’s go home.
“No,” he said, “your sister despises me, I do not know if you already know.”
– Know what? I only know that I love you, that you are my mother. Nothing that comes from you makes me ashamed. You are just a brave woman who faced life as she could to feed her children.
That morning the brothers fought as never before, in the anguished eyes of their mother:
“Let him go! Do not you see that it is an ordinary? Do not you feel sorry for your job? I’m ashamed that my friends know what she is, and I do not have enough time to be a professional, I would not stand up for her.
“Well, go with your friends, I’ll stay with her.” I have not forgotten the times when he took the bread out of his mouth to give it to us, and the nights he watched over our bed when we were sick. You and I did not have a father because he abandoned us, but instead we had a mother who gave everything to us, or did something ever happen to you? I just know that what I am I owe it to her. If you despise her, go you, that I will love her for both. So it was.
The days and nights passed, and that girl who, with the impulse of a conqueror, left her house, sure of herself, never graduated, but instead found love … The traitorous love of a man who, after mocking her, taking advantage of Her inexperience, abandoned her; -as one day another coward would abandon his mother-leaving her with a child in his womb, alone as the one he had so harshly condemned, also hungry, and in worse condition, the remorse of the cruelty with which he had treated His mother, lived in torment, had aged rapidly. From hunger and remorse, he returned home …
He entered the house (of which he still kept his keys); His brother, stared at her, but there was no reproach in his eyes, but love.
“I come,” he said, “to ask forgiveness of you and my mother.” To whom I made so much suffer. The brother lowered his eyes for a moment, then said,
“Follow me.”
The girl followed him several streets until he reached a cemetery and there, between the first tombs of the entrance, white stood the grave of his mother.
-No! Screamed horribly, because his soul was torn, and crying he threw himself on the grave, kissed her and scratched the graveyard asked for forgiveness. Why? He wondered, Why could not I see my little mother for the last time? Why could not I ask her forgiveness on her knees, kiss her forehead, watch over her body? Why did you go away mother without me giving you my last goodbye? There, prostrate on her mother’s grave, she wept the most bitter cry of her life.
The brother, who despite his grief remained calm, said:
– You know? Even at the last moment he called you.
That rainy night hurt him, gave him pneumonia. But do not cry, she has forgiven us both, I was also guilty for not forgiving you, I did not look for you even though she begged me many times. And let her be consumed with sadness, missing you, calling you … But still on her deathbed, she blessed you and asked me that if you returned I would welcome you with open arms, as she would have done, and that from then on we would be united and We loved each other as he always taught us. That day begins today, little sister, let’s go back …
The brothers slowly retired and could not hear that in the soft breeze caressing their foreheads, his mother blessed them for the umpteenth time.
“The mother is not good or bad: she is mother. It is not for us, as children, to judge their actions, because it is our own life that, with deep wounds, brings us the pain we have caused.
If you still keep your mother, treat her like an angel, and if she hurts you, forgive her, but do not show her, never offend her, never disgrace her or be ashamed of her, for the cry of remorse you will mourn is Bitter cry of your life !!
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